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Tune in audiences for good

WeRock is an electric graphic design studio that helps businesses and communities rock on! We design eye-candy brands, events and spaces that bring people together, always for a good cause. Our mission is to simplify communications, enrich experiences and inspire people everywhere.

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From me to We

WeRock Studio was founded by Cristina Benescu, a Visual Designer with a background in Telecommunication Engineering. She sets up the Studio in Denmark, after nine years of working in several agencies in three different countries.

With a playful and edgy approach, Cristina aims to help small business, artists and cultural hubs enrich their visual presence and get in tune with their audiences.

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What WeRock best

Brand Design

Logo Design / Corporate Graphics / Packaging Design / Illustration / Brand Guidelines  

Visual Identity

Exhibitions / Events / Museums

Space Design

Wayfinding & Signage Design / Iconography / Custom Signs